Relocated to Kentucky

I am pleased to announce that I have relocated to Louisville, KY and have joined Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers as their new oculoplastic surgeon. I am enjoying the challenge of starting a new practice as well as seeing the sights and indulging in the wonderful food of Louisville! Continue Reading

Cosmetic Open House

Thank you to all who attended our first Open House.  The night was a huge success and a lot of fun.  I look forward to hosting many more in the future! Click to see photos from that evening. Continue Reading

Preventative medicine is the best medicine!

I was recently invited to give a lecture on eyelid skin cancers. I believe this is an important issue for us all, and I am pleased to share my talk with you all. I encourage you all to have a medical professional carefully examine any “odd” lesions on your face and body. Preventative medicine is… Continue Reading